Monday, June 4, 2012

Some Common Birds of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a home of different kinds of birds. Hearing the sweet twittering of birds we get up from bed in the morning. But it is surprising that we do not know the names of all birds although they live near us.

There are various kinds of birds in Bangladesh. They differ in size, color, and habit. Again, different kinds of birds are classified into different groups. They are testing birds, singing birds, talking birds, game birds, birds of prey, tailor birds, migratory birds, domestic birds, wild birds, plundering birds etc. The names and nature of some common birds are given below.

The cow is the most familiar and common bird in Bangladesh. It belongs to the class of teasing birds. It is and ugly to look at. Its voice is harsh too. The Cuckoo, the Doel (Bangladeshi Language), the Shayma (Bangladeshi Language) and The koel (Bangladeshi Language) are widely known as singing birds. The Cuckoo is noted for its melodious song. It comes at the advent of the spring for which it is called the harbinger of the spring. Doel (Bangladeshi Language) is Bangladeshi National Bird. While singing it makes its tail dance.

The Mayna (Bangladeshi Language), the Shalik (Bangladeshi Language), the Chandana (Bangladeshi Language) and the Parrot are called talking bird. They can imitate the voice of man when they are trained. The sparrow is another common tiny bird. It annoys us by chirping all the while. It is restless in nature.

The duck, the prgeon (Bangladeshi Language), the hen, the cock and the goose are domestic birds. They are famous for their eggs and flesh. We eat their eggs and meat, which are rich in protein. The stork, crane and the sandpiper are aquatic birds. Their meat is also delicious to eat. The kingfisher, the woodpecker and the Kakatua (Bangladeshi Language) are very much beautiful birds with keen eyes and long beak. The Pankouri (Bangladeshi Language) is another bird living near marshy place.

The Kite and the Hawk are known as plundering birds. They have keen eyes and sharp nails. The Vulture is also known as plundering bird. It is a big and ugly bird. It feeds on the dead bodies of animals. The Babui (Bangladeshi Language), the Tuntuni (Bangladeshi Language) and the Swallow are called tailor birds. They are so called because they show great skill in weaving their nests. We can not but wonder at their works. There are some birds, which come out mostly at night. The owl and the bat are of this kind.

Again, some birds are seen in Bangladesh in autumn and winter. They come from foreign countries and as such they are called migratory or visiting birds. They stay here for a short time.

Beautiful Bangladesh.

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